I’ve been so excited for this DIY since my soon-to-be sister in law sent it to me the other night! This DIY doormat idea from Buzzfeed DIY is really easy and fun. There are so many things that you can do with this idea. My first attempt was a Kate Spade inspired doormat. It turned out super pretty and I love it. I am also doing a monogrammed one and a nautical-themed one featuring one of my favorite symbols- the anchor tomorrow. I’m addicted and am not sure where I’m putting all of these, lol. At the end of the day, I have an awesome new gift idea!

The Buzzfeed tutorial can be found here:

But to sum it up….


  1. Solid colored doormats
  2. Acrylic Paint/Spray Paint
  3. Masking tape
  4. Paint/Sponge brush
  5. Glitter is optional. I used it on the dots

linen and salt diy doormat20160126_125530 20160126_190302 20160126_190317_edited 20160126_190454_edited



  1. Line the doormat with masking tape in the pattern that you want (if you are monograming, use a stencil and outline with a marker)
  2. Paint between the lines (or fill in your monogram or stencil pattern). I ended up running out of acrylic paint for the white but luckily had some spray paint and did another layer with that.
  3. Remove the masking tape and let it completely dry
  4. Enjoy!

20160126_125446 20160126_153444linen and salt diy doormat20160126_19023520160126_190244

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