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I have been wearing hair extensions for about the past 5 years consistently. It’s a personal preference and I love it. Hair extensions offer such versatility and are much easier and less time consuming to maintain. And I really don’t care to sit in a salon for 2-3 hours a week to get my natural hair styled. Because I’m so loyal to extensions and sew-ins, I expect the quality of the hair that I get to always be on point. I need a hair company that can always be trusted. My past two experiences with Queen Virgin Remy here in Charlotte have left me with nothing but doubt regarding the quality and professionalism associated with the brand.

Last February (2015) on the day that I got engaged I had my hair done that morning. It was Valentine’s Day weekend and I was so excited for a day of pampering. My excitement was quickly deadened when my stylist removed the bundle from the packaging and we discovered that what I thought was supposed to be “virgin Brazilian hair” (because that’s what I I paid for) had the texture of “pack hair” from the dollar store. We could not run our hands through it without immediately getting our fingers tangled. I don’t know what that was that I had really purchased, but my stylist urged me not to use that hair if I wanted my style to last any decent amount of time. She ended up letting me have a bundle that she had gotten for a client that she had scheduled for later that evening. She ensured me that she would get another bundle prior to the client’s arrival. When I left, I immediately went to Queen Virgin Remy and they tried to convince me that it was normal for the hair to feel tangled before washing. This is not true because no other bundle that I’ve ever purchased has felt that way in the beginning and I didn’t want my stylist to proceed with the wash because I knew I would return it. The ladies at the store eventually let me trade out the bundle.

The most recent experience I have had with Queen Virgin Remy was 2 days before Christmas in December 2015. I went to get more hair thinking that the time prior may have just been a rare flop and I gave them another chance. I typically wear my sew ins for 2-3 months and this has probably been the worst sew-in experience of my life (hair-wise). The hair started tangling the same day that I got it installed and has only gotten worse. I am supposedly wearing Brazilian straight right now but it’s definitely not up to par.

All things considered, I am about to start looking for hair for my wedding day and I will not be going back to Queen Virgin Remy here in Charlotte. I can’t trust that their product will be decent enough for my wedding day and that’s not a risk that I’m willing to take.

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