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Smelling good makes me happy. I wish I could bottle up the way I feel when I find a perfume that mixes perfectly with my body chemistry and I get to officially add it to “my scents” (“my scents” is a list of fragrances that belong only to me in my head). I also like the way my husband likes the way I smell. When I walk out of my house in the morning without a spritz of fragrance I get the same naked feeling that I get when I forget to put in my earrings.

I tried to reel in my perfume obsession about a year ago but I recently found a subscription that let’s my obsession live on! With Scentbird, each month subscribers like me get a 30-day supply of a new fragrance in the mail all wrapped up in a pretty little black package. The perfume itself comes in chic, a purse-size perfume bottle with versatile spray top (which is a plus for me because I have a pretty strong aversion to rollerballs).

Subscribers have the opportunity to set their scent queue for up to 5 months. Last month I tried Clean Shower Fresh . It was cool. I think it’s a good scent to wear during the hot, sticky summer months. I’m excited to try the Clean Warm Cotton as I mix fresh scents with my base signature perfume. Next month I have Chloe Roses de Chloe in queue and I really wish I could have them all at the same time! But they say patience is a virtue.

I’m really happy that I found out about Scentbird. It has quickly become a favorite subscription of mine.

Bottom line: If you are a perfume-junkie, get Scentbird. It lets you date a fragrance before you marry it 🙂

Use code: SWEET15 to get 15% off your first month of Scentbird!

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