I was a DIY bride. This was partly due to the Capricorn in me taking control (I was slightly anal retentive with my vision). But a huge factor for my DIY craze was our budget. We knew how much we had to spend and I’ve never been the type to splurge on things that I can do myself.

My favorite project from our wedding was the centerpieces. I saved a lot of money by making ours myself for about $5 each. They turned out really cute and fit our preppy/nautical theme perfectly.

Here’s How I Did It!

Materials Needed:

1.DIY pedestal vases (Click on the Link for the Project)

2. Floral Foam from any craft store. I got mine at the Dollar Tree.

3. Silk or Artificial Flowers/Greenery of Your Preference

4. Clear Tape

5. Wire Cutters

               gabbi byrd linen and salt flowers centerpieces gather and grace                 gabbi byrd linen and salt flowers centerpieces gather and grace                    gabbi byrd linen and salt flowers centerpieces gather and grace                 gabbi byrd linen and salt flowers centerpieces gather and grace


  1. I made the pedestal vases in an earlier project that can be found here.
  2. Cut the floral foam block into pieces to fill your vase. This may not be necessary if you purchase the pre-cut foam.
  3. Using your wire cutter, cut the stems of your flowers to your preferred height. I would vary the different stem heights a little if you want a more natural arranged look. You may adjust the heights as you work based on what you feel looks best while you’re arranging them.
  4. In the vase, apply tape to secure the foam. You may want to glue the foam down. I chose the tape option because I knew I wanted to use the flowers and vases for different projects later on.
  5. Once the foam is secure, start arranging your flowers in the vase. This is the fun part because this step is based on the maker’s personal tastes. I knew I wanted mine cute and full. I opted for shorter vases and stems because I felt like it matched our overall theme better.

Final Product at Our Wedding!

Photo: Blue Arden Photography
Photo: Blue Arden Photography
Photo: Blue Arden Photography
Photo: Blue Arden Photography


Note: The year leading up to my wedding, I purchased a lot of flowers. The ones in my centerpieces were white roses from the Dollar Tree. My craft room looked even more out of control with the stems I had for our centerpieces and bouquets. On average, I used around three dollar store bouquets per vase. I had a couple of vases that were larger and I used at least 5 bouquets in those making their average cost $7.

Cost Breakdown Per Centerpiece:

$1 Candle Holder (For vase)

$1 Clear Bowl (For vase)

$3 Dollar Tree Bouquets ($1 each)

Approximate total cost: $5


I hope this helps another DIY bride out! I’d love to hear from fellow DIY bride squad on the handmade things you created for your weddings!




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33 comments on “DIY Bride: How I Made My Own Wedding Centerpieces”

  1. Your centerpieces are beautiful and very elegant and your table set-up looks lovely. Good for you for using your creativity to make something stunning and affordable. Wedding costs are getting so out of hand for couples today and it’s totally unnecessary. Guests are there to celebrate you and your groom. Couples shouldn’t empty their savings, or worse, go into debt. You and your husband are definitely starting off on the right track. May God bless you for a long, happy and fulfilling marriage. Congratulations to you and your hubby.

  2. So pretty and so appropriate for your nautical theme and best of all AFFORDABLE and I’m sure your guests really enjoyed the personal touch and attention to detail! Weddings can be so costly and doing a fun DIY project really lessens the financial burden!

  3. These are beautiful! I don’t think many people realize just how expensive flowers can be! Plus multiply that by the quantity and flowers used for the wedding party and church or wedding site.

  4. love it Gabi! Getting married in January in NYC and also on a tight budget, saving every which way – we’re even having an ipod instead of a DJ! I love the homemade DIY aspect, and these turned out terrific!!!! have some ideas myself for doing some cool, wintry centerpieces, so many ideas! 🙂

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