Each year my family gets together for a night of Christmas decorating and dinner. This is my favorite tradition of the entire year. By December, I’m usually at the point where a night surrounded by the people I love the most is overdue and much-needed. This year was no exception. I love them. And like every year, we laughed, loved, and were filled with Christmas cheer.

linen and salt christmas decorating gabbi byrd              linen and salt christmas decorating gabbi byrd

The night started with dinner and a bit of Alabama football. Afterwards, the girls decorated the tree while the guys watched more football. I’m convinced that they were secretly hoping that they wouldn’t be summoned to hang ornaments. The house both sounded and smelled like Christmas thanks to the awesome Christmas playlist that my cousin Crystal put together along with the scent of sugary treats being baked in the oven thanks to my baby cousin, Sydney! That’s her in the pic below making sugar cookies. She’s the cutest.

linen and salt christmas decorating gabbi byrd

This year, my cousins decided to opt for a super cool light display for their house. It literally took 5 minutes to get together. This meant that the guys had it really easy the entire night, minus KB who’s still in the cute stage of his relationship.

KB helped us decorate the tree with our favorite new family member, Kelsie. It’s notable to discuss the fact that this is the FIRST TIME that KB has brought someone home for Christmas. I spent many years trying to make him fall in love, lol. He wasn’t trying to hear it. But now, he has someone amazing and I’m thrilled. I love seeing the people who I love happy and in love!

linen and salt christmas decorating gabbi byrd

I laughed so much this night. It did my soul good and has made me even more thankful for my family in this Christmas season. I think I can make it to Christmas break now.linen and salt christmas decorating gabbi byrd         20161203_195128          20161203_195921                                                                                                          20161203_221344           linen and salt christmas decorating gabbi byrd

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