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My wedding website played a vital role in my planning process. Once I got it up and running, it was a lifesaver especially towards the end when it saved me from having to answer the same questions over and over. No bride has time for that! Brides need a wedding website more than ever now considering we’re in the digital age! There’s a bit of work upfront to create the site, but the reward is more than worth it!

I created my site using the free Wix platform. I did a lot of personalizing, but they also have really beautiful pre-made sites for those who are not-so tech savvy.

Wedding Website Essentials

1. Welcome Message: Let your guests know that you can’t wait to celebrate with them!

2. Story: Ok, so I actually think this was my favorite part of the site because I got to read his side of our story and cry, lol. Write your love story for your guests. It’s really sweet.

3. Bridal Party: Introduce your guests to the VIP members of the wedding!

4. Engagement Photos: This is the perfect area to show off your engagement pics! If you have not taken them, create a gallery with photos taken throughout your courtship. I did a little of both.

5. Dates, Times, and Locations of Events: These include your wedding date and rehearsal dinner. You can also include the dates of other events such as the bridal shower. If privacy is an issue, opt to include these details on a page that requires a password. Include     the password on your Save the Dates where you tell your guests about the wedding website.

6. Registry Information: Save your guests the extra hassle of having to ask around for your wedding registry info (or from having to find your invite amidst their rubble) by including your registry information on the website. Leave direct links!

7. RSVP: I predict that paper RSVPs will be completely phased out over the next couple of years. The perks of having an electronic RSVP system are too many for people to continue opting for paper RSVPs. Link the RSVP response form to your email and when you need to compile your final guest list, you will have all the details right in your inbox. This was my favorite part of our website.

8. Lodging Info: If you’re reserving room blocks for your guests, add the details on your site along with the cutoff date to book for any special discounts.

9. Contact Info: I would only include your email and MAYBE your physical address (for gifts). Most of the people coming to your wedding more than likely already have your phone number. Again, this depends on your comfort level where privacy is concerned.

linen and salt wedding website

I hope this helps out any current brides-to-be out there who are in the wedding planning-struggle!

And because I love a good love story, share your wedding websites with me in the comment section!

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  1. Great tips! I agree, I always go to wedding websites looking for this information and it’s so important to have the information laid out so it’s clear and accessible.

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