Making Vision Boards is my favorite New Year’s tradition. It’s a reaffirming feeling to look at what I’ve achieved from my board each year. It also gives me a chance to think about goals that were not accomplished and to consider why and whether they’re still relevant. The cool thing though? Most of the goals on my vision boards come to fruition. I was skeptical in the beginning about the power that lies within creating a solid vision for my future. But now I’m a true believer.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is real (also read The Secret asap). I struggle with anxiety in the sense that I can’t turn my brain off sometimes. There’s a fine line between this being good thing and driving me insane. On one side, it’s good because I’m 10 steps ahead of every disaster that could arise in a situation that I care about. On the other hand, if I let it consume me I can easily not sleep for days consumed with worry.

One thing that has turned the bad part around has been actively refocusing how I think. One reason why I believe I used to have a lot of bad luck is because that’s what I focused on. Now I focus and meditate on good things entering my life. Prayer and affirmations are amazing for this purpose. So are vision boards. There’s a scripture that talks about the importance of vision and how without it, things fall apart. It’s true. Being able to say and see good things entering my life has caused those exact things to materialize.

How to Make Your Own Vision Board

There are two ways to go about making your board, you can do it either digitally or tangibly (giving you something you can feel). I like both. If you do it electronically, you can dress your tech with it and make it your screen saver on your devices. You could also just take a picture of the one you make, save it and make it your background. I like to do mine both digitally and tangibly.

A Few Electronic Methods

Dream It Alive

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign

The Old-Fashioned Way


Thick Poster Board

Adhesives: Glue (I use a glue gun for materials like ribbon but glue sticks work for paper)/ Maybe Tape

Magazines (a lot of them)


Coloring/Writing utensils (Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils, Sharpies)

Whatever else you want…get fancy (ribbon, washi tape, scrapbook paper, glitter, etc.)

img_3950 img_3953 img_3954 img_3961


  1. Write Down The Goals That You want To Accomplish. These can be long-term, short-term, yearly, etc. I made one for my wedding last year. That was fun. You can even write goals for your career, vacations, family, friends, relationship…basically make goals for whatever you want and combine them all onto one board. Or make as many different boards as you’d like.
  2. Go through magazines and cut out words, phrases, quotes, and pictures that inspire you and correlate with your goals and dreams.
  3. Think about how you want your board to look.
  4. Glue down anchor pieces.
  5. Glue everything else around the anchor pieces with reckless abandon. Keep going until the board looks the way you want it.
  6. Sit back and admire how pretty it is.
  7. Put it somewhere that you’ll see it everyday.

img_3986 img_3988 img_3985 img_3984 img_3944 img_3949 img_3967 img_3990

(I erased my goals from the images in Photoshop because, privacy lol! But I write them before gluing onto the board so that the paper won’t be wet or crinkly!)

If you guys decide to make a board, share it with me here or on either of my social media accounts and I’ll feature them! I love seeing what you guys create!

Happy New Year!!!

linen and salt vision boards

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6 comments on “Why Vision Boards Are Legit And How To Make One!”

  1. For years I made vision boards by myself, but last year I finally included the kids and they loved it. It was great seeing them so focused on trying to accomplish all of their goals and visions that they had put on their boards. I can’t wait to finish up our boards for this year.

  2. Love the idea of turning digital vision boards into your screen savers! I’m a big fan of vision boards and inspiration boards for parties and events. It really does help to keep things focused.

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