Linen and Salt Wake Pray Slay Free Printable by Gabbi Byrd


Beyoncé’s music celebrates strong women and glorifies the feminine spirit. It’s hard not to love that as a woman. Especially as a woman who’s about making moves. So when I meet girls who have an irrational dislike for Beyonce’, it’s a good indicator for me to keep them at arm’s length. It’s strange for a non self-hating woman to hate a person who inspires girl-power in so many people.

I don’t trust girls who have an irrational hate for Beyonce’. Typically, the girls I meet who have a Beyonce’-hating stance are not “girl’s girls”. Iron sharpens iron. A huge part of why I win is because my best girl friends are winners. They make me want to be better and they also help me up during low moments. I’m a reflection of them and vice versa.


Linen and Salt Wake Pray Slay Free Printable by Gabbi Byrd

This is one of the first prints that I added to my shop inspired queen herself! I’m giving it to you guys because you’re my people.

Frame it, use it on a gallery wall, or give it to a someone in need of a reminder that we run the world 🙂

Download the PDF file here or click on the image below to download in JPG.

Linen and Salt Wake Pray Slay Printable

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With Grace + Love,

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4 comments on “I Don’t Trust Girls Who Don’t Like Beyonce’+Free Printable”

  1. I will admit that I don’t consider myself a fan of hers per say. I appreciate all of the things you mentioned above. I appreciate her immense talent, for sure. However, it’s just not necessarily my favorite kind of music. Now, have I badly sung, “Single Ladies” at karaoke on more than one occasion…yes. Have I broken it down on the dance floor to one of her hits…yes. Have I, on occasion, sang entire songs of hers while showering…I have. But is she my Is one of her songs the first thing I want to play…no. But like I said, I appreciate her as an artist. I’ve never been a person who personally connects to anyone I don’t know so it’s always hard for me to understand any fandom. Does this mean you don’t trust me? haha. Good post.

    • Of course I trust you lol! This post is for the people who have an irrational dislike of her. Like, one time a woman told me that Beyonce’ was ugly, couldn’t sing or dance and then she said that if she ever got tickets to see her live, she’d burn the tickets lol! That was weird. But I completely understand your rationale! Thanks for reading!

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