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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to get real with y’all about my real love.

People keep telling me that they wish their marriage or relationship was like me and Byrd’s. Whenever this happens I cringe a little on the inside. Not because my husband and I don’t have an awesome relationship, but because we didn’t get here by ourselves and I don’t like people thinking that we just ended fell into this amazing state of coupledom. The truth is that our relationship didn’t get really good until God started writing our love story.

Both my husband and I had separate relationships with God before we got together. And for the first 3 years of our relationship, we kept our faith separate from our relationship. If we had continued on that separate path, I’m not sure that we would be married today. Though we loved each other before, there was still a little something off. We would argue often and place our own needs before each other’s. And while our relationship wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t what it is now.

Enters God

The single good thing that came from my Dad’s death (after about 6 months of foolishly “not talking to God” after he died) was that my faith went to a new level. During lent the year after he died I decided to listen to a sermon every morning before work. My go-to was Joel Osteen. I never stopped that habit. I still listen to a sermon or faith-based audiobook every morning while getting ready for work. Byrd couldn’t help but hear what I was listening to. Especially on road trips when I would listen when I was behind the wheel (the person driving controls the radio in the Byrd house). Eventually, we started talking about God together and how different parts of what we were listening to applied to our lives, families, and relationship. Things started changing in our relationship. I could sense a shift as God’s presence filled our lives together.

The moment that changed everything for good happened one day in our kitchen. Byrd was being considered for a new job and I asked if he wanted to pray with me about it. Immediately, I didn’t know why I had asked because I got hella nervous. I hate hate hate public speaking! But there was a more powerful force pushing me to do it in spite of myself. That first time, praying together in the kitchen is still one of the most powerful moments that I’ve ever experienced. Then we couldn’t stop! We still pray together all the time. And most importantly we have something now that was missing before, spiritual intimacy.

Things in our relationship shifted for the good with God at the center. We put each other’s needs before our own. We’ve had like one argument over the past year! Our communication has even improved. I feel like it’s easier to hear him. We don’t always get it right because perfection isn’t real. But inviting God into our relationship and letting Him take the pen from our hands to write our love story in His words is still the single best decision we’ve ever made.

Linen and Salt Free Printable Love Will Be Right Here by Gabbi Byrd


If y’all didn’t know, I’m obsessed with 90s R&B and today my head music has been SWV’s “Right Here”. I got inspired and decided to bless my readers with a free printable. This one is perfect for Valentine’s Day! As always, this printable and many more are found in my Etsy shop!

PDF:  Love will be right here

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Linen and Salt Free Valentine's Day Printable Love Will Be Right Here by Gabbi Byrd

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Linen and Salt Free Printable Love Will Be Right Here by Gabbi Byrd


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