Portrait of Gabbi Byrd by Whimsicle Photography

Google is my best friend when it comes to most things career-wise, including networking. With websites such as LinkedIn becoming the primary form of job search and social media accounts becoming the modern day handshake, one thing that needs to be on point is your headshot. The digital image that introduces you to the world is more important now than it has ever been. Your headshot has the power to cause potential employers and business partners to either gleefully jump up and down on the inside in anticipation of linking up with you or to overlook your existence entirely.

We all learned early on that we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. However, most of us do when we have nothing else to go off of. And online, we don’t. It’s human nature-especially with potential employers (read more about that here). So in this digital era, how does one go about making a solid digital first-impression? The answer is by ensuring that your social media profiles are on point. And it all starts with putting your best face forward!

How to Rock Your Shoot

1.Be Yourself: The best headshots capture a person’s personality. So relax and have fun!

2. Primp: If you ever need an excuse for buying a new outfit and having your hair and makeup done-getting your headshots taken is a legit excuse to pamper yourself. Professional photos aren’t cheap. So you’ll want to get the most bang out of your buck. Primp! Primp! Primp! This is always my favorite part.

3.Listen to Your Photographer: When selecting a photographer, make sure that you check out their portfolio beforehand. I fell in love with the style of my photographer’s work before we worked together. Her name is Charity and she’s the creative genius behind Whimsicle Photography and the Elopement Co. in Charlotte, NC. Her professional knowledge was clear throughout our shoot. Having the assurance that the person behind the lens understands what they’re doing is essential!

The photographer that you work with should be knowledgeable about posing and he or she should pose you! I’ve worked with photographers who never posed me. It makes a huge difference when they do! I love candid shots just as much as the next person but you’ll want to be intentional with your headshots. Some poses may feel unnatural or awkward. But trust your photographer. I wouldn’t have gotten the results that I love so much if I hadn’t trusted my photographer’s process.

P.S.-A few more tips on how to rock your shoot!



More Prep

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(All photos in this post are by Charity Parrish of Whimsicle Photography and The Elopement Co.)

Headshot of Gabbi Byrd Whimsicle Photography

Portrait of Gabbi Byrd by Whimsicle Photography Portrait of Gabbi Byrd by Whimsicle Photography Portrait of Gabbi Byrd by Whimsicle Photography

Headshot of Gabbi Byrd Whimsicle Photography

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