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A couple of days ago I received the Tools4Wisdom planner to review! I am super excited to review this product because I’m a hoarder of stationary and because this planner has some really awesome features that I’m in love with!

6 Reasons Why The Tools4Wisdom Planner Is Awesome

  1. Durability: One thing that scares me about some planners is how delicate they are. It makes me hesitant to ever carry or write in them. I don’t have that problem at all with the Tools4Wisdom planner. The cover is a padded hard-cover material which is soft to the touch. The spiral binding is strong as well which means no worrying about how it will hold up when I throw it in my bag!Tools4Wisdom planner review by linen and salt
  2. Goal Digger Focus: The focus on goal digging is what really drew me in and made me love this planner. There are pages dedicated to both yearly and monthly goals. It’s important to get the stuff that you want toaccomplish written down on paper and to have them in a place where you see them consistently. What place is better than your planner? A bonus is the daily goal at the top of each day. It’s only February so there’s still time to make all the goals that you set for this year actually happen! This planner will help you do it.Tools4Wisdom Planner Review by Linen and Salt
  3. Prioritization: This journal allows you to prioritize your daily tasks. This means you can put the focus on what you need to get done the most before anything else. I think this feature is awesome for my fellow sufferers of procrastination! Try taking 15 minutes each night before bed to get your priorities straight for the next day.
  4. Hourly Agenda: Weeks are broken down by days which are then broken by hours. This feature is great for anyone who benefits from a highly structured breakdown of their day.
  5. Pocket: There’s a pocket in the back to tuck away stray sheets of paper/receipts/random to-do lists. Pockets are essential to any planner I own.
    Tools4Wisdom Planner Review by Linen and Salt

    6. Size: I really like the large size of this planner. My writing is pretty large and this planner accommodates my writing style.

    You guys are my people so I’ll be real with you about the things that would make this planner absolutely perfect for me. One is purely based on outward aesthetics. My stationary style is more clean and preppy. The Tools4Wisdom planner does come in several different styles but I’m basing my review solely on the planner that was sent to me.


    If you still need a reason to give the Tools4Wisdom planner a try, I have 50 of them for you. Right row, Tools4Wisdom is offering my readers 50% off this planner with the code MEKEEP50

    Use this link> and enter the code MEKEEP50 to get 50% the regular price.

    When you get the planner, let me know how you like it in the comments!

    “I got this product for free in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own.”
















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