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True Story-The past few work weeks have been the worst of my teaching career (my kids are amazing and it has nothing to do with them). I’m okay because I know that everything that’s happening is God blatantly telling me that it’s time get out. I keep asking Him the same question over and again and He keeps answering the same way so I’m officially listening.

During this process of transition, one habit that has helped me cope has been dedicated self-care time (Friday nights and Saturday mornings). For me, self-care is about centering and giving back to myself to fill my heart up. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that making myself a priority is necessary if I want to be my best self for the people who matter most-my husband and family.

I have a running list of tried and true self-care habits that always pick my spirits up! I hope that some of them may be good starters for your own list which I recommend you make because you’re worth it!

  • pray
  • read the Bible
  • read or listen to a good book– I like fiction for the escape-thrillers in particular. Karin Slaughter is my fave. Self-help makes me think about my life too much when I want to escape.
  • listen to a podcastThe Read always makes me laugh. But don’t listen if you’re easily offended or with kids around.
  • eat Chipotle
  • get a hot chocolate from Starbucks– Whole milk, Extra chocolate
  • shop the dollar section in Target– Prettiness for days.
  • book your next vacay– Key West anyone?
  • write a list of everything on your plate and strategize your next moves– You may be able to relax more if you feel in control. After you do this, do something fun though.
  • binge-watch Netflix– “And chill” if you’re lucky.
  • go to the sea (or other body of water)– But the sea if you can.
  • cook your favorite meal
  • paint your nails and toesBright colors are instant day-brighteners.
  • declutter a room, closet, cabinet, or drawer
  • watch a funny movie– I recently laughed really hard at Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.
  • craft, sew, DIY
  • write down everything that you’re grateful for– Gratitude breeds contentment!
  • take some pictures
  • bake a cake or brownies (even if it’s just for the smell)
  • do something nice for a stranger
  • sit in the sun and bathe in vitamin-D

TGIF! Tonight, I’m self-caring by getting Chipotle and eating it in front of the TV while I binge on last night’s episodes of Grey’s and Scandal. I’ll also watch Black-ish (I save that for Fridays too) and give myself a mani-pedi. To top it off, I’m snuggling with my hubby when it’s all done. All of this my friends, is like a little slice of heaven on Earth in my world and it’s a much-needed gift to myself.

I urge all of you to do something nice for yourselves this weekend. You literally only live once so don’t wait to be good to yourselves!

With Grace + Love,

gabbi byrd linen and salt

linen and salt self-care

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  1. Oh my gosh, Gabbi… it’s like we’re twins! I could literally go for doing almost all of the things on your list, especially a trip to Key West! And I didn’t know I could ask for extra chocolate in my hot chocolate from Starbucks! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend!

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