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Most people with their own website (bloggers and business owners alike) all share at least one common goal- for it to be gorgeous. Beautiful photographs boost the aesthetic quality of a website tremendously and keep visitors on the website longer. High quality photos also boost SEO and make reading easier by visually breaking things up.

If you’re stuck on where to get high quality images for your site, you have options. One is to subscribe to a stock photography library or buy images one at a time from sources like Shutterstock. Some people choose to learn how to operate a DSLR and take pictures for themselves to supplement the photos they share on their website. Camera phone photography is also growing in popularity in the blogging community as a resource for website photography. Another option is to partner with photographers for mutual exposure. Finally, there’s the choice of using free stock images from a variety of resources. I have utilized all of these means to gather photos for my blog since I started it almost 2 years ago. Today I’m covering one of the easiest and cheapest of all of these options- free stock photos.

I try to only use free stock images from websites that are simple to navigate and easy to download images from. I’ve listed some of my favorite sites for free stock pictures below.

1. Magdeleine

2. ISO Republic

3. picjumbo

4. Gratisography

5. Startup Stock

6. Pexels

7. Pixabay

8. Epicantus

9. Life of Pix

10. Death to Stock

11. Kaboom Pics

12. Cupcake

13. Jeshoots


15. Free Nature Stock

16. Unsplash

17. Designers Pics

I hope that these sources for free stock photos help you to curate the site of your dreams! If you’ve found other resources for free stock images that you absolutely love, please share them in the comment section!

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12 comments on “17 Places To Find Gorgeous Free Stock Photos for Your Blog”

  1. Haha I was one of those people who bought a DSLR and thought I’d learn photography and that would be cheaper than buying or finding stock photos. NOPE! Definitely not cheaper! haha so yeah, stock photos are great for bloggers 🙂

  2. I used to love Unsplasg and Pixabay but then they got too popular when everyone started using them too. I appreciate the list of new places to try so my photos can be unique until I get to the point where I take all of mine myself. Pinned!

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