A couple of weeks ago, someone in a Facebook group that I’m in asked what everyone’s personality types were. She linked to a quiz at 16 Personalities where we could find out our type if we needed to figure it out. 16 Personalities bases their personality types on a combination of Carl Jung’s Personality Types and the Big Five Personality traits.

As someone who grew up taking every magazine quiz I could get my hands on, there was no hesitation when it came to taking this test! Twice! Both times, I typed as INFJ-A (the rarest of the 16 personality types). I got my husband to take the test as well and (no surprise) he got INFJ-T. We’re pretty much the same person-both Capricorns and INFJs. My “A” stands for “assertive” while his “T” stands for “turbulent”.

INFJ Personality Type Linen and Salt
Source: 16 Personalities

I’m so impressed by the accuracy of these results that I want to know what everyone else is now too! Take the test for yourself at http://www.16personalities.com and tell me your results in the comments!

With Grace + Love,

gabbi byrd linen and salt

P.S.- Keep scrolling for a few fun infographics 🙂


Source: Typology Central
Source: http://fictionalcharactermbti.tumblr.com[/caption%5D [caption id="attachment_1300" align="alignnone" width="317"] Source: Tommie Media
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Linen and Salt Personality Types

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