Yesterday I picked up the new She Reads Truth Bible from my local Lifeway store. I am in love with the features that this Bible offers and to top it off, it comes in NAVY!!! And it has green and white ribbon bookmarks. It’s so cute and preppy. I’ve been looking for a new journaling Bible that is unlined. Not only is the She Reads Truth Bible unlined, but it leaves more than enough room in the margins for me to letter and illustrate whatever the word brings to my heart.
She Reads Truth Bible by Linen and Salt

Another feature that I love about this Bible is that it comes with signature She Reads Truth reading plans. This is a great addition for those (like myself) who need a little guidance when it comes to navigating the Bible.She Reads Truth Bible by Linen and Salt

The She Reads Truth Bible is available in the CSB translation. I’m typically a NLT girl, but CSB isn’t too far off and is still pretty easy to understand.

This Bible also features beautiful lettering throughout. I keep flipping through the pages to look at the illustrations over and over again. This Bible is so pretty.

She Reads Truth Bible by Linen and Salt

The Bible format that I chose is the Navy Leathertouch. It’s also available in genuine leather, and hardback linen. They are all gorgeous and I want the gray and poppy ones as well! I went with the navy for now because I felt like it was more durable for the long-haul. She Reads Truth Bible by Linen and Salt She Reads Truth Bible by Linen and Salt

I’m so happy with this purchase and am excited about all the reading, journaling, and illustrating that lies ahead for me and my new Bible! If any of you guys are into Bible journaling, show me some pics of your work!

With Grace + Love,

gabbi byrd linen and salt

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13 comments on “She Reads Truth Bible Review”

  1. Now that you’ve had the SRT Bible for awhile, what has been your experience with journaling in it? I’ve heard that the pages are very thin; have you used acrylic paint or distress ink on them? What about pens? Are there any that are working for you without bleeding? I love the look of the SRT (I can’t find a softbound NIV journaling Bible, which is usually my translation of choice), but I’ve gotten into journaling so much that I don’t want to buy a Bible unsuited for that purpose.

    • Yeah I’ve been wondering this too. I just got this bible for Christmas and EEEEEEEK I absolutely love it. But I wanted to know whether it is safe to bible journal…

      • I haven’t actually started journaling in my SRT Bible, but I have been prepping the pages with clear gesso in anticipation of doing so. I will say that I’m a little frustrated that they didn’t follow the journaling Bible industry standard of 2-inch margins; none of my margin strip tip-ins from Illustrated Faith will fit without covering up part of the text, and I don’t really want to always use washi tape to insert them.

  2. I ordered one of these bibles (in Grey Linen) for my daughter for Christmas and I purchased one for myself as well (in Poppy Linen) and I cannot wait to get it and dive into it! I recently have really fallen in love (as I should have been a long time ago) with reading God’s word and am excited to have the insights and devotionals in this Bible. I currently have the Inductive Study Bible right now and I love it, but the SRT Bible just really appealed to the artistic and girly side of me! Thank you for this amazing review. I’m even happier now that I ordered it!

  3. First of all, I just happened upon your site while looking for a review of the SRT Bible! I just want to encourage you because I love your site and I appreciate reading about what you are doing!

  4. I never knew She Reads Truth had a physical Bible! I love the app so I’ll definitely be purchasing this soon!

  5. Love this bible!!! I’ve seen it alot on several Christian sites but I have never been serious about purchasing it. After reading your post I want this bible so bad now! haha Love the colors and all the awesome things it has included.

  6. My daughter has been looking for a Bible where there is room to journal. Not sure if she wants one with lines or not. I will let her know about this one….its beautiful:-)

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