Confession:I kind of hate the salon experience. Life is stressful enough without a weekly trip to a place where I pay to get stressed out more by lengthy appointments, stylists who double-book, people’s kids that I somehow end up babysitting, small-talk, etc. The good news is that I’ve found a way to pretty much eliminate the entire professional hair experience from my life. I’m talking about clip-in extensions!

The past few months, I’ve only worn clip-ins to change my style up. I swear by them. They’re easy to install, wash, wear, and MAKE! In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to make your very own clip-ins.

Cater your clip-ins to your very own style. This process will save you time, money, and from EVER having to go to the salon again!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Clips (affiliate link)

Hair Sewing Needle and Thread (affiliate link)



I got this super convenient clip-in kit at Sally Beauty Supply.Linen and Salt DIY Clip-In ExtensionsLinen and Salt DIY Clip-In Extensions

Hair-With the hair you can go with the cheap if you don’t plan on wearing the same style for long, or you can go with better quality hair if you plan to use your clip ins for a long time. I used the hair that I had from my wedding which was amazing. You can find it here. But really, this part is all about your preferences. I used about 3 bundles for my desired thickness. This is equal to 300 grams.DIY Clip In Extensions by Linen and Salt


1. Decide on what look you’re trying to achieve: Clip-ins can be used for added volume, length, color changes, or all three. Cater your process to your end-game. For instance, I wanted length, volume, and color. To achieve this, I got a longer length, I double wefted my clip-ins for volume and I colored two of my extensions for a pretty, subtle bayalage effect.

2. Measure your wefts to your head: I have a big head. There’s no denying it. Another reason I like making my own clip-ins is because I can custom fit them. Start from the nape of your neck where the first row will go. Cut the wefts to size and repeat for each section of your head (horizontally).

3. Thread Your Needle

4. Double Weft Your Measured Tracks and Sew Them Together: Take two pieces of the same size and sew them together at the weft. Make sure you puncture them at both ends so that the thread goes through the weft. You can sew around the weft everywhere else.DIY Clip In Hair Extensions by Linen and SaltDIY Clip In Hair Extensions by Linen and Salt

5. Sew On Clips: Make sure they’re facing the right way!DIY Clip In Extensions by Linen and Salt

6: Install: This is the fun part! I Install mine from the bottom up. I leave a section of my hair out between each row.

7. Style: Right now, I’m rocking the straight look. But I’m transitioning back to my hair’s natural state and am really excited about making natural hair clip-ins soon! I’ll be sure to post all about it when I do because styling those is gonna be a treat.

DIY Clip In Extensions by Linen and Salt
DIY Clip In Extensions by Linen and Salt

If this post saves at least one person from the salon struggle, then I would’ve fulfilled my purpose. If you guys try out this tutorial please share your results with me! I can’t wait to see them 🙂

With Grace + Love,

gabbi byrd linen and salt

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