catching upHey Yall!

It’s been a minute since I’ve written anything so I just wanted to play catch up. Life has been kind of hard and really busy the past few months and blogging was unfortunately put on the back burner for a second.

I feel like I owe my readers an explanation though so here’s what’s been up with me:

Job Search

Y’all, I’ve been on 8 unsuccessful interviews since April. Rejection is the worst. The school year starts back in a couple of weeks and I’ve hella anxious that I will have to return. I also kind of feel like I suck at life so I have to read the Bible a lot lately and internalize what God says about me. At this point I’ve worked and prayed about it all that I can and now it’s in God’s hands.

New Things

I’ve also been doing a thing for a while that has started to take off a bit the last couple of months. I’ve done photography for a while and decided to finally make it known. I have been hesitant to make it public because I’m surrounded by really amazing photogs and it caused me to develop impostor syndrome. But I feel like God keeps pushing me to it so I’m following His steps.


I’ve been blessed the last month to have my Etsy shop  sales pick up. Large chunks of my days have been dedicated to getting orders out (which I love). I have also been putting more time into marketing and product development. I have loved having this summer off to focus on my shop more.

Making It

The struggle is real. It’s been kind of hard to focus on writing with everything else going on. I’m praying that things get lighter soon as many of my summer plans have already been derailed. I’ve lived long enough to understand that there will always be highs and lows in life. We’ve just been in a low point for what seems like forever.

I’ve loved catching up with you guys! Going forward, I’m going to aim to start posting at least once a week again. But if for any reason I don’t make it here just know that it’s not due to negligence but to circumstance.

I love you guys and I hope to reconnect soon!

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