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Hey y’all!  I’m Gabbi. Technically my name is Gabrielle (after the angel Gabriel) but no one calls me that. I’m a lifestyle blogger, Etsy shop owner, and special education teacher in Charlotte, NC.
Both of my parents owned their own businesses and passed the entrepreneurial gene to me. The second to last time that I saw my Dad before he passed away,  I asked him how he knew how to do everything (the man could build and fix anything I ever wanted). He simply chuckled and said, “I just try stuff.” That conversation has stuck with me is now a huge part of the foundation for my business, blog, and life. I believe that we’re all equipped with exactly what we need to make it and that once we stop limiting what we can do, and what God can do in our lives, then that’s when things get fun.
A couple more things about me…I’m a newlywed. My husband is my fave. He’s the defensive coordinator at a high school not too far from where we both work at. I really love my family and my best friend and want us to all be around each other all the time. I’ve been advocating that we all buy homes next to each other to create our own compound. No one’s really biting on that idea. I love Beyoncé, reality tv and any tv by Shonda or Oprah, podcasts, Myrtle Beach (yes I know there are many more beautiful beaches, I’ve been), crafting and the color navy.

Gabbi’s writing has been featured on The Huffington Post, BlogHer, and SheKnows. She was also spotlighted as a top millennial blogger of color by From a Wildflower.

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