Linen and Salt Wake Pray Slay Free Printable by Gabbi Byrd

I Don’t Trust Girls Who Don’t Like Beyonce’+Free Printable

  Beyoncé’s music celebrates strong women and glorifies the feminine spirit. It’s hard not to love that as a woman. Especially as a woman who’s about making moves. So when I meet girls who have an irrational dislike for Beyonce’, it’s a good indicator for me to keep them at arm’s length. It’s strange for a non self-hating woman […] Read more…

linen and salt gabbi by kids

5 Reasons Why My Husband And I Aren’t Having Kids Yet (And Why You Need To Be Okay With That)

I realized very quickly that when you get married, people really want you to have babies. Conversations got awkward really quickly when I would tell people that I did not know if I wanted children anytime in the foreseeable future. So, I started punking-out and saying, “maybe in a couple of years.” This gave them hope […] Read more…

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